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Australian Shepherd Wrap Ring
Australian Shepherd Wrap Ring

Australian Shepherd Wrap Ring

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Keezeek Dog wrap rings are carefully designed by jewelry artists to ensure they are stylish and durable. They are the perfect addition for dog lovers everywhere and peering over your finger to remind you how much he/she loves you!
1.Handcrafted Wrap Rings
2.Classic, Intricate Detailing
3.Wonderful Gift Choice
4.Adjustable, Form-Fitting Design
Our dog wrap rings require 4-7 business days production time, Quality is checked before and after printing.We take pride in offering you the best dog wrap ring so it does take time.Usually 3-5 weeks from creation to your door.
So, know you are in good hands, and if you have questions, we are here to help.
Thanks for your patience and for being a customer.
If you have any questions.Please feel free to contact us:supports@